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Golf Darts

Golf Darts

The newest craze, Golf Darts, is a hilariously fun sport played with a giant blow-up dartboard and golf darts. Scored in the same manner as traditional darts, but utilising specially designed "golf darts" which stick to the Velcro-covered dartboard, golf darts are fantastic fun for children and adults of all ages.


Our blow-up dartboard and golf darts are wildly popular for the community and private events, functions, and parties. Attendees and party goers just can’t resist the temptation to play when they see a giant blow-up dartboard.



The Dart board will make an appearance in academy sessions a few times a year weather dependent,  whilst it will be a constant feature throughout schools out camps. It's a great way to improve pitching, focus and performance under pressure.


You can hire the dart board for your own private events, be that golf open days, corporate days,  birthday parties, fetes, stag doos the list is endless. The board can be staffed or just the dart board balls and equipment provided. 


Day Rate - £100

Day Rate with staff (6 hours max) - £150

Junior Lessons & Camps

Event Hire

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